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to be good and to do good that is the whole of the religion.


 -Swamy Vivekananda

*Vol-06 Page-245 





Focus: Rural Health Care, Rural Education and Agriculture Support.




We’ve been working for the Green initiation, Worked over a Decade and planted the Idea and the purpose of Afforestation into the mind of the people. Having meeting with the groups and asking them to initiate the planting one plant in their Surrounding or in their Lands makes the Afforestation Easier.

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We dream to live in Green Location. Trees to be surrounded, Birds sounds, Water Streams, with animals and Human eco system. A Blissful life to lead, Creating the requirement in Dreams, Now You can start your first step by Joining us in this movement……..

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Trees are Planted in School Areas to cultivate the Habit of Planting and Growing plants and trees in their Surroundings in and Out of the Villages, City surroundings. Throwing the seeds like Jack fruit, black plum, Indian Beech into the Dry lands in the raining seasons make the Land Greener for the next Generation.