The special age comes in the beginning of the life and at the ending of life to this Body.

My Parents given life and cared till I am able to learn and earn myself.

Today I am happy with my own (My Spouse and Children) family. I Excluded them from my family. Even my words are strong on them.

I don’t have any Kindness on their daily routines, wherever I am needed to help them I neglected them.

They cleaned me up when I was at the special age 

Love is expected by them. I am unable to give it for them. Being human with plenty of knowledge I am unable to serve them. God is so kind he gave me very good parents. But today I am reverse to them.

They’re weak today. Unable to do their works, take care of themselves. They need a helping hand to hold and take care of them. I, today, with full of energy working for money and to secure my family as my parents gained and secured me for my future. As the time go further it says the same repeats. But I am unable to Understand at this time. 

Another advantage of keeping their parents at a Special care/old age home is the competitive world where children grow up and start working and get no time to take care of their elderly parents. You can find a trend where both husband-and-wife work to cover their expenses and have no time to look after their parents.


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  • Services will be by Volunteers and Paid nurses.
  • Professionally trained staff who love spending time with needy seniors.
  • Medical assistance is available around the clock, which reduces your worry about your health.
  • Psychiatric assistance available only on need. 
  • They have all the facilities which are required for a comfortable living.
  • These homes provide special rooms with advanced amenities, which will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel rather than an old-age home.
  • includes Yoga center, Playground, walking area, internet facility and more…….
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Can be Paid by themselves/ by guardians/ Children

Services can be done by Volunteers  


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