National Association For Natural Awareness And Scientific Utilisation (NANASU) is a registered

(Registration No. : BNG(U)-YLNK/267-2003-2004(04-02-2004) non-governmental organization(NGO) working in Karnataka, India. Established in the year 2004.

National Association For Natural Awareness And Scientific Utilisation(NANASU) works in the area of Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, etc. The organization works towards the promotion of sustainable development.

We are engaged in working for the society, creating awareness about livelihood and lifestyle. We are into training people about organic and natural farming. We persuade people to take up Entrepreneurship Development programs, for which we provide skill based business training and making market available. Guiding the people in the rural areas to grow more Agricultural produces. Our future focus is to help establish Dairy farming, Establish Local Markets to avoid transportation.

We are working towards self sustainable villages, helping the people to alleviate poverty and making them self confident and prosper for a better tomorrow.

Our Creative Team





An enthusiastic businessman, who is very keen to work for the
needy people. Rural Education being a subject close to him, chose to serve people since 1999 thru various awareness Programs.  Planted plants in the school/ government Office premises with the support of volunteers in Karnataka state.





From the Finance Industry Since 1999. With eyes on health, the vision is to ensure that the latest technology in Health Care reaches the rural India. People in the remote areas to get the same medical facilities as in the urban areas.





 A Senior Executive in a MNC, the focus is to bring the latest technology and science to the farming sector, to help farmers do intensive farming, have better harvest, efficiently utilize water and other natural resources.